Care to elevate livelihood.

At VITALIA®, our focus is not only making sure residents are physically well. While that is a part of our mission, we recognize that a person is so much more than a body. Each person has not only physical, but social, emotional, and psychological needs, as well. And we are dedicated to make sure that all of those needs are met and that quality of life is more than just maintained. We look to elevate the enjoyment of life and reach goals that residents set to attain.

Live the life you dream of with our help.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Any success story involves an entire team providing care for the resident as a person – not just caring for needs like mundane chores. Our pillars of care provide the blueprint for how we work with residents and set them up for success.

Holistic Care

Emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs are important factors towards a healthy individual and we are sure to involve all aspects when providing care.

Care Planning

Too many situations leave seniors feeling like patients and not people, but with our personalized care planning, that is never the case at VITALIA®.

Personal Choice

Providing care on YOUR schedule. We work with you to set your goals and will never do anything that you have not already agreed to and understand. It’s your care and it will be done as you want it to be.


VITALIA Active Adult Community® leads the way in its use of technology to provide care. It’s part of our focus on improving the lives of residents in every aspect, including avoiding potential health issues whenever possible. Quick response buttons allow for rapid assistance whenever needed while Foresite passive monitoring technology in assisted living and memory care allows us to keep an eye on signs that needs may be changing.