Yours to use.

Many seniors fear that moving to a senior living community means that your lifestyle is downgraded and you will be cramped and uncomfortable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

During your initial move you will most likely have to, as Thoreau says, “simplify, simplify.” This is a fantastic opportunity to declutter and remove the unnecessary items from your life. But don’t worry. With our spacious villas and apartments, you won’t lose anything that you love and want to bring along. And once you move in to your new home, you immediately increase what you have access to through the amenities in VITALIA®. There is a world of potential right outside your apartment door, from restaurants to libraries. And the best part? Our staff cleans and maintains everything so you don’t have to worry about it!

Go ahead, invite your family over for dinner in the private dining room. Now you can appreciate the time spent with them instead of having to clear off the table or deal with the dishes. The whole of VITALIA® is your home – enjoy!

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Full-service dining – available all day

From 7 AM to 7 PM, you can come to our restaurant, sit down, order your food, and enjoy a delicious meal. Residents automatically receive three meals daily, cooked fresh to order. Guests are also welcome to order for a small fee!

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Private Dining

An elegant and private experience

But you can get a little boisterous, if that’s your speed. VITALIA® offers a secluded dining room available to residents who would like to have a group meal. Make your reservation and collaborate with the culinary team to plan out the perfect get-together. Classy dinners, pizza parties, and everything in-between!

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Fitness Center

Physical fitness catered to your preferences

Our fitness center isn’t just a couple treadmills and dumbbells. We have senior-friendly exercise equipment that was specifically chosen to maximize the ability for seniors to maintain their physical health and safety. Work out on your own or join in one of our many group classes!

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Expand your mind, flex your imagination

Just as pedaling a bike keeps the body strong, reading keeps the mind sharp and active. Digest a fascinating biography, breeze through a playful romance, or immerse yourself in a fantasy world of wizards and warriors. Whatever your preference, our library has something for you!

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And… action!

Not only does our theater feature your favorite films both old and new, but it is also home to educational classes, church services, exciting live performances, and more! Get comfy and we’ll pop some popcorn for something wonderful!

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Outdoor Grounds

It’s too nice to be inside

Our campus is kept in pristine condition so that whenever you feel like venturing outside you have a beautiful environment to enjoy as you get some fresh air. Stop and smell the roses. Or daisies, or lilies, or whatever beautiful flowers are in bloom!

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