Wondering what happened to your social life?

Humans are social and NEED interaction with one another.

No one is meant to go through life in solitary. In fact, chronic loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day! Many people think that this is just something that happens as we get older and there’s nothing that can be done about it, but that’s simply not the case.

VITALIA’s® calendar of events, entertainment, and excursions have YOU covered. We make sure to pack our schedule in a way that will engage your mind, body, and spirit. A major benefit of living in a senior community is that you’re able to participate when you want and how you want. If you decide to skip a particular event, you know that another great opportunity is right around the corner. Challenge your neighbor to cards, take a group trip to a new museum, or take in a fantastic show! All with great friends and neighbors.

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Never a dull moment!

Get lost in a wonderful performance or thrilling film as we bring great entertainment to you, right in the community! Our calendar is full of opportunities for everyone to come together and enjoy.

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Whose turn is it, anyway?

Are you a team player? Or maybe you consider yourself a bit of a ringer. No matter how you like to play, you’ll find someone who’s ready to try their hand at your favorite game. Poker, bingo, billiards, video, all kinds of games are played at VITALIA®!

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Group Outings

All for one and one for all.

We are primed and ready to get out in the world and do something amazing. We love taking residents to an exciting experience. What is that thing you always WANTED to do but never got around to? Want to go next Thursday? Let’s do it.

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Welcome “Om.”

We believe that people should always be learning and growing, no matter their age! Join in one of our many educational, spiritual, or meditative events where we all expand our horizons together. A rolling stone gathers no moss, after all.

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Let’s get physical!

A physically healthy body is essential for a vibrant life and we provide ample opportunities for you to exercise in the way that you want. Our equipment is senior-friendly, always available, and we offer classes for those who like to work out in a group.

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Hop in, let’s go!

While residents are welcome to have their own cars, for those who do not drive (or just don’t feel like it that day) we offer scheduled transportation to events, appointments, and outings of all kinds! A simple call to the front desk gets it scheduled and you on your way!

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What’s that, Sonny?

Seniors interacting with children improves the quality of life for the whole family. That’s why we always encourage family to bring the kids and grandkids along. We love when kids are around and so do the residents!

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Residents give back.

Studies find that people who volunteer feel more useful, capable, and confident! Residents of VITALIA® are a generous bunch which is why we are always actively looking for ways for them to give back to local shelters, veteran groups, pantries, and more!

Events Calendar

Our calendar of events will be updated daily and may change without notice. We will make every effort to update our Google Calendar immediately when changes occur.

Did you know you can add our calendar of events to your own Google calendar? Always know what’s happening and when at VITALIA®!

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