A home with amazing people and experiences right outside your front door.

With several independent residency options available, you’ll find one that best suits the needs of your lifestyle. Our private patio villas are a spacious and beautiful option if you’re seeking a more independent and private lifestyle, with the perks of community living. Our luxury lodge apartments are ideal for those wanting a more communal feel to their new home where friends and incredible team members are always around the corner.

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Senior living with the freedom to say “Get off my lawn.”

Our spacious homes come in a variety of layouts so that you can select the one that speaks to you. These houses include access to all the events and services VITALIA® has to offer.

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The cure for loneliness with some leisure thrown in.

These apartments are designed with ease of navigation and maximizing space in mind. They allow for your private home while placing a close-knit community right at your front door.

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Bringing entertainment and excitement right to you!

Or, sometimes, bringing you to it! At VITALIA®, there is always something new and exciting to enjoy or do. By living here, you always have access to a full calendar of events and entertainment, but zero obligation to join in. Participate when and how you want while enjoying the privacy and security of your own home. Even the restaurant is open all day so you can cook in your home or have a seat at the restaurant – as your desires dictate. You can also join in one of our many excursions to outside events and attractions, should you like. It’s all included, so you remain in command!