Care for seniors. Peace of mind for families.

We know how it can feel like an insurmountable task when seeking help for a family member with advancing dementia. You often feel like there is no one you could possibly trust to care for your family as well as you can, yet at the same time it feels impossible for you to continue to do so. At VITALIA®, our staff trains with top dementia educators to provide the highest quality personalized care so you can step back from being the caregiver and start to be family again, not their nurse or guardian.

Our Memory Care is structured to offer an engaging and supportive environment with comfort and ease of navigation in mind. By focusing on dignity, quality of life, and independence, we strive to ensure all of our residents feel respected and cared for as they age. Regardless of what they remember today or tomorrow, they will feel secure and loved in their home, because they are.

Memory Care Apartments

Finding that perfect balance between security and engagement is certainly a tricky line to walk. Memory Care at VITALIA® is all about residents having a private space to call their own while also being a part of daily activity throughout the community. Residents are free to wander the halls of the community and engage with one another, the environment, and interactive events, while always being able to return to their private apartments as they like.

Assigned Life Enrichment Coordinators

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We believe that quality care begins with strong relationships. With earned trust and deep understanding, it becomes possible to identify small differences in health and wellness when they occur.  That’s why we pair Life Enrichment Coordinators and residents as a team – so personalized bonds of trust and friendship can be developed over time.

If you can’t feel like your loved one is secure, then you can’t have true peace of mind. We understand that a major concern for most families is finding a safe but welcoming environment. We have designed our memory care to be easily navigable and secure while still being warm, welcoming, and comfortable for residents. Any and all monitoring techniques are implemented in discreet and unobtrusive ways.


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Life Stations

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Specialized areas designated for interaction, called Life Stations™, are dotted strategically throughout our memory care cottage to promote engagement opportunities for residents. They are designed to resemble and evoke memories of certain aspects of life, be it outdoor recreation, family, military service, hobbies, and more. Our Life Enrichment Coordinators also create life boxes that are specific to memory care residents!

We don’t believe that just because someone has advancing dementia that they should be restricted from things that they love. VITALIA® has the means to get residents to feel connected to events and activities and find a sense of fulfillment in what they are doing.


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Specialized Dining

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The culinary program in our memory care is designed specifically to overcome many of the challenges associated with dementia. Often, dementia sufferers will lose their appetite or have tastes change on a whim. Our dining services engage the senses to arouse the appetite and promote healthy eating to maximize nutrition. A poor diet only exaserbates memory problems, so we work diligently to avoid that.

We take our daily grooming habits for granted. Alzheimer’s and other dementias make it so that what was once automatic becomes a hurdle than many cannot get over. At VITALIA®, we believe that residents should have the dignity we all take for granted – looking and feeling presentable. In addition to assuring that every resident enjoys the daily care of coming and brushing, we provide regular trips to our salon for that little extra care.

Salon Services

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Advanced Training

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Providing care for residents with dementia is a highly specialized skill – one that we develop with best courses in empathy, communication, and personal care. We focus on empathy and study techniques for managing through behavioral challenges and redirection with the goal of engaging each resident in meaningful ways.

It is vitally important when providing care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia to be ready with the most up-to-date knowledge and proven effective techniques. This cannot be understated. Our Memory Care Leadership has the prerequisite tools, expertise, and heart to give attention that is second to none. Their drive and leadership elevates our entire community to the next level.

Memory Care Leadership

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