How we are responding to the COVID-19 virus

Everything and everyone you’re looking for in one place.

VITALIA® is a vibrant community of seniors reveling in a life free from worry. There’s no such thing as a to-do list, unless you count a freshly-prepared dinner and live shows on-site. Each day is spent with new friends, old friends, and even furry friends.

All the comforts of home. None of the stresses.

At VITALIA®, we offer a range of living options and services so that no matter what situation you are in – seeking a new home or looking for some help to get through the day – we have you covered. We not only make sure that you have the comforts you’re used to, but offer the amenities and opportunities that will keep you active and excited for each and every day!

Our Values

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Prioritizing Safety
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Honoring Veterans
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Welcoming Pets
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Spoiling Grandkids
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Advancing Health Technology

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