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September 15, 2023

Vitalia Montrose Discovers the Heart of the Community During National Assisted Living Week

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Author: Austin Marsh, Resident Services Director

National Assisted Living Week is a special time when assisted living communities come alive with celebrations that bring residents together. It’s a chance to share stories, make memories, and enjoy events that show the strong bond among residents, caregivers, and families. This year, the theme is Season of Reflection.

No matter the neighborhood, our residents are a part of one community, and it is very important to us to keep channels of communication and socialization across all levels of care. Our community is reaching the age we have begun to see residents transition from one level of care to another, so creating opportunities that embrace Assisted Living and educating our community on the benefits are opportunities for us to grow closer as a community.

At Vitalia Montrose, we are honoring residents’ lives and experiences by having each department head celebrate a different decade, from the 1940s to 1980s, embracing the pop-culture fads of the days. As the Resident Services Director, I am most excited about hearing all the amazing stories residents will share and all the experiences they have had throughout the decades we are celebrating.

Taking the time to celebrate National Assisted Living Week is important. The Season of Reflection can take on many forms and looking back at our lifetime of memories is a gift.

It’s not only a time to celebrate, but also an opportunity to appreciate the staff and volunteers who make assisted living communities what they are today! This week highlights the power of connections, memories, and the spirit of togetherness that makes every resident feel at home.

Join us as we dive into the Season of Reflection with heartwarming stories, exciting events, and the wonderful sense of community that make National Assisted Living Week a truly special occasion. You can follow along throughout the week on our Facebook and Instagram pages or stop by and join in the events.

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