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September 30, 2022

Vitalia Active Adult Community – Montrose Invites You to Celebrate National Good Neighbor Month in Their Neighborhood

Category: Memory Care

Author: Sydney Krieger, Memory Care Director

September is “National Good Neighbor Month,” and in the spirit of this special time, we would like to take the opportunity to share about a unique part of our senior living community – our Memory Care Neighborhood.

Here at VITALIA Active Adult Community® – Montrose we strive to make our Neighborhood a special place, not just for our residents, but for everyone who comes to visit and join in our daily festivities. We celebrate being good neighbors every day.

Instead of using the name Memory Care we call our community The Neighborhood. When people hear Memory Care many times they envision a cold, unwelcoming place; however, when you hear The Neighborhood it gives a sense of welcoming, warmth, and home-like environment. Neighborhoods usually have their own identities or feelings based on who lives there and that is exactly what each of our residents contribute to The Neighborhood. As neighbors would, our residents get to know one another and become a tight-knit community.

Our Memory Care Neighborhood is a special place for residents as we really focus on each individual and what makes them who they are. When you come into The Neighborhood, our Memory Care Support Partners and staff don’t just know the care of a resident, but also their likes, dislikes, stories from their past, and their families. The Neighborhood has brought our residents together and made them into one big family.

Resident families are so important in the Montrose Neighborhood. Every other week we hold Family Support Night for all friends and families to join. We all come together where we can discuss difficulties they have faced with their loved ones and learn something new each time about Alzheimer’s and dementia. We want The Neighborhood to be an inviting area for all families to come and spend time with their loved ones as their children, spouse, brother, or sister, and not have to worry about the role of caregiver. I am a big believer in not only being there for the residents but being there for the families too. This is their journey as well.

September is also Alzheimer’s month. There are many ways you can be a good neighbor and support our residents who are living with dementia. Patience is key and opening your heart. This could mean walking The Neighborhood with a resident, sitting with them, and chatting, or engaging with them during an event. A smile and a hello or a hug go a long way. Residents living with dementia want to be treated no different than anyone else. As Mister Rogers said, “I’m glad that you are near. You’ve made this day a special day by just being here.”

We encourage everyone to be a “good neighbor” and find ways to engage and make a difference in the lives of individuals living with dementia. You don’t need to have a special talent, just a heart for others around you. If you would like more information about volunteering in a Memory Care Neighborhood near you or if you are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, we would love to help!

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